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Oct 13~15

Good Hope, CA

Picking Up Trash

Pack it in, Pack it out

Please pack out everything you pack in. No exceptions.

You Must be 18 or older

You must be 18 or older or accompanied by a Parent or Guardian. If you look younger than 18 we will ask for ID
Camping in the Woods

No personal Fires

There are NO personal fires allowed at this venue.
Fire Performance

Fire Performing

All fire performing will be regulated and contained in a specific "Fire Circle". No fire performing is allowed anywhere except inside the Fire Circle.
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Keep the restrooms clean

It is very Important that we keep all of the restrooms clean so everyone has a great experience. Do NOT  throw anything down the toilets.

No Drug Use

If you are seen using illegal drugs you will be kicked out. We are a family tribe and do have children around. Respect the land, the owner and the children.
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Please make sure that you back into your parking space. Please park close together to allow room for other guests.
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